Friday, December 10, 2010

Mooses & Snow angels

Life just been busy this week and the polar nights makes my so tired I feel like I could sleep all day ;) So I haven't been able to take part in Merets's December blogging... I'm not sure if I'll jump in again - it was fun but I feel that so much else is happening now in December so finding time to blog each day is hard.


We've had four mooses spending time on the field below our house the whole week. It's a mother with two calves and her older calv that is following her. The kids have been a little thrilled when they have been waiting for the school bus in the mornings - hearing the mooses walk and eat, but not seeing them ;)

Making a snowangel

And we got lots of snow during the night - so finally there could be made snow angels :) It's still cold though, -17C, so the snow is all dry.

Finally some ice to skate on ;)

Eirin could finally put on her skates ;) It's in our yard and it was not so fun to shovel snow, so the rink got very small... I think the ice on our lake is thick enough too with all the low temperatures we've had lately. So maybe we'll have to shovel a rink for the kids there. I don't like to walk on ice very much - knowing it's lots of icecold water beneath it...

A little package I won in a giveaway :)

Lucky me - I won a give away over at Hunni :) The price was a skein of yarn - Little Traveller from The Sanguine Gryphon, but she had put a few other small items too in the package! Made my day :)

I know it dosn't look like the house I was aiming for... I didn't make the roof windows, and the icing dosn't get so shiny and white because we can't use eggwhites in it due to Endre's allergy. But I think it turned out pretty cosy - It's leaning a bit and might be a bit drafting - just like our house ;)


  1. a nice set of images for december and the approaching holiday season. hope your kids get to do more ice skating soon - i have only been outdoor skating a small handful of times, as it rarely gets that cold here.

  2. Your gingerbread house is very sweet! Great picture of the moose. Do you worry about your kids being around them? I have heard they can be very aggressive.

  3. to have a moose in your very cool is that!

  4. an elk or 4 grazing outside, wow!!!
    hope they aren't territorial or anything?
    also the snow angels are lovely, as are your angels,
    and that's a smashing gingerbread house, pepparkakshus! well done!

  5. Looks lovely. The blue light and all...
    I'm planning on playing 2 norsk julesanger for church tomorrow! (I can be assured that no one will be singing along!)

  6. I really like/appreciate your photos. They are a really nice part of your blog. I live in northern California in a place that does not get any snow so following your blog is a nice getaway for my mind in picturing such things as a white Christmas or the storybook winters I've always loved. Thanks.

  7. What beautiful pictures! I love the moose! How's the water holding up? That I gingerbread house looks pretty amazing to me!

  8. At least you have lots of snow to make the nights lighter! I am also quite tired myself in this mørketida but soon the holidays come at then it is soon over :)

  9. How fun to have moose to watch and listen to while waiting for the school bus. My kids would be so jealous....they only have little snow bunnies to watch :)

  10. I am soo scared of elks. I've had a couple of not so nice encounters with them, so my fear is close to a phobia..
    I know - I'm a wimp.. but they are huuuuge!!

    Skating, on the other hand, I know how to do. :-)

  11. Nice picture of the moose. Are the other moose still with you?


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