Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tiny socks

Socks, size 6-12 months

A tiny pair of socks for my shop. I've casted on for a matching pair of mittens too ;)

Pattern: It's a traditional norwegian pattern, and I think I've pulled it out of some kind of christmas magazine one year ;)
Yarn: Silja sock yarn
Needles: 2,5 mm
Size: 6.12 months

The weather is back to cold again after a few days with warm teperatures and rain. Enough rain to make the roads slippery again :(
But not enough to melt the little snow we have, so the water seems to have enough isolation to prevent it from freezing ;)
And with a clear sky the polar nights dosn't feel so dark, we could even see the sun paint the clouds pink the other day! And it's not many days until she turns, so the days will get lighter again :)

Remember the moose family we had wandering around our house last week??
Well, they left us after a few days and started to walk into the inland and the woods there. Like most of the mooses do. But on the way the mommy got hit by a tractor :( And they had to kill her due to her injuries...
I'm pretty sure it's the same family we had here, because she got hit not far from here and she had two little calves... So I really hope they will survive the winter. They need a winter with little snow to manage that.


  1. That's really sad about the moose... I hope her calves can survive.
    I love your sky photo :)

  2. Unfortunate about your moose. I hope you have a mild winter!
    The sky is awesome!

  3. Oh NO! That poor little moose family. I hope those little calves survive the winter. I love the picture of the sky. I thought before I scrolled down and saw the trees that it was an abstract painting of some fish. Amazing.

  4. Sorry to hear about the moose mommy. the socks are cute!


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