Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Time flies....

Happy Birthday Endre <3

I've had several post planned in my head, but the time hasn't been on my side lately... We've celebrated Endre's 6th Birthday :) He had some friends over on Saturday and ofcourse there was some chocolate cake :) I can't believe how fast time flies - it feels like it was yesterday I had him home with me from the hospital and now he is a big boy starting school in a months time!!
Yesterday he had his first haircut at the hairdresser - no more hair clipping with daddy's hair clipper ;)

Hubby and his dad have knocked down one of the walls that was starting to collapse inward. So the garden is a big mess at the time. But then again - maybe some of my plans for the garden and a vegetable garden might be completed ;)

This was all a part of the meadow before, but I hope this will be my vegetable garden next year :)

Some of you might wonder if the seeds we planted this spring have grown into something... Well, the cucmbers grow big and had lots of beautiful, yellow flowers, but no cucumbers, so we throw them out. We have two paprika plants and they have one small paprica each. Hpefully they will grow bigger.

Since I have no vegetable garden yet, the leeks have to grow in milk cartons ;)

The Nasturtium have grown big and rich, but they have no flowers yet...

This is from the pink flower mix, but I have no idea what it is..

The sunflowers have big spuds so we're hoping to see some yellow flowers soon :)


  1. Happy Birthday, Endre! He's got a big boys face now, no more baby face. :o) Love the new hairstyle too!

    For not having a garden you have a lot growing!

  2. Happy birthday to your son! It is amazing how fast they grow up. Your plants are looking good, and I hope next year you have a huge garden space to plant your seeds in.

  3. Happy birthday to Endre! Your container garden looks great!

  4. Kjenner meg sånn igjen. Min mellomste begynner også på skolen nå. Skjønner ikke hvor det ble av tiden.
    Jøsses så mye fint du har fått ut av frøene. Håper også du får noe fint ut av de nye hagemulighetene :)


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