Sunday, August 7, 2011

Berry picking

Hard to hide that we've been picking blueberries today...

The weather has change and it's a bit chilly with only 10 C these days. The air hasn't got that sharp, crisp smell of fall yet, but I guess it's just around the corner... I look forward to it though as it's my favourite season :) It's great to be out in the forest without all the flies

The forest was full of blueberries, and I came over a path were they was big :)

We picked black crowberries to. I plan to make "saft" from it. It's a juice you mix with water.

No I need to find the energy to clean all the berries so I can start to make "saft" and perhaps some jam tomorrow. I'll freeze the biggest blueberries as they are so we can make pai from it :)

We also came across some indians in the forest :) I think they were hunting bears and wolves.

The next berry to pick is lingonberries. But they need a few weeks before they are ripe.


  1. Yummy berries! Looks like you all had fun :)

  2. It looks so wonderful ... all those berries, and the lovely woods!

    I am looking forward to Autumn more than anything. I envy your 50 degrees fahrenheit ... it's 95 (35C) here and it's thundering again outside! How warm does it get in the summer there?

  3. Such fun! We haven't been picking yet, but we looking forward to it. Just today I was dreaming of Autumn. Summer has finally come here. Hopefully it will only last a month :-)

  4. What a nice post. I am so jealous of all of your berries!

  5. Spinster Beth: Well, this summer has been filled with lots of great weahter and warm temperatures :) But we are happy when the temperature gets over 18 C here, and overjoyed when it gets over 22 C. I think it is to hot when it goes over 25 C... But we have had a few days with over 30 C and that is very hot if the sun is out to...
    Usually the heat just comes over night, so we have no time to acclimate... The best summerweather for me is temperatures just around 20 c and overcast ;)


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