Monday, August 8, 2011

Pink wildflowers


August is pink/purple in Project Spectrum (flickr link, Ravelry link). So when we were berry picking yesterday I was looking for pink wildflowers. I found some. This is a thistle. When I was little we used to use these as a shaving brush when we played ;) It grew a lot of these near a creak at my grandma's house.


Heather - I love this little plant.


Fireweed. Here in Norway we can see how far Fall is away by looking at how far up the flowers has sprung on the Fireweed. The further up the closer the Fall is... So by the look of this fireweed, Fall must be just around the corner...


  1. Vakre blomster!
    Har nesten lyst på skikkelig høst nå, men det ser ut til å drøye litt her i sør.....

  2. Love the thistle! We read fireweed here, too (I always knew we were kin to Norway). First blooms = summer. I'll have to check the status of the blooms now. Haven't seen any in a while, so perhaps fall is already certainly feels like it! In wool socks this morning...makes me happy.


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