Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weeble Wobble Cowl

Weeble Wobble Cowl

The 3rd pattern in Liz's Great Cowl KAL was Weeble Wobble Cowl.
Mine turned out very long. So long that I wish I had casted on less st and knitted more rounds to make it wider in hight. I can wrap it three times around my neck and it still very loose. I like my cowls a bit snug around my neck..
Pattern: Weeble Wooble Cowl
Yarn: 124 g Fabel Superwash #602
Needles: 3,25

Weenle Wooble Cowl

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  1. I think it looks perfect! I love the color and texture particularly, now I want to try that yarn.


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