Thursday, August 7, 2008



Even though the meadowsweet is a pretty and sweet smelling flower, I don't like it much! It makes my nose itchy and runny :/ So the last days I've spent most time indoors. The minute I step outside I start to sneeze...


But being indoors has it good sides too. Today the kids have been good friends without teasing each other, so I have had time to be a very domestic mom ;) I have baked bread and rolls so the freezer is full. And I have washed the floors. Feels good! If you click on the picture above to get to my flickr site, you can see the two big flower spuds my cactus in the window has :) I'm so hoping they will open.

princess crowns

A friend of a friend asked me to knit a pair of princess crowns. So they have been swimming in the washing machine today ;)
Pattern: Familien feb. 2008
Yarn: 150 g pink #666 Viking Naturgarn
Needles: 6 mm


  1. Herlige kroner! Frøkna mi hadde falt pladask for en sånn en.

  2. This sounds all very domestic, nice. I can almost smell the bread! It's nice when kids get along with each other.

  3. OH those crowns are adorable. Great job. So sorry you can't be OUT inthe glorious weather. :(

  4. I always thought I'd knit my daughter a little crown butnever did. They're so sweet looking, and she loved stories about princesses, especially the books by George McDonald--The Princess and Curdie was her favorite.

  5. Vilken underbar bild du har satt in i bloggrubriken! Ni har det så otroligt vackert däruppe i norr.
    Angående sticktidningen jag köpte ("Knitting"): NEJ, den var inte alls värd sitt pris! Interwaeve Knits är 1000 gånger bättre! Men nu vet jag det...

  6. Pretty flowers. Don't you hate allergies? I have to take medicine everyday in the spring and fall or I would sneeze myself silly! Clean floors are the best thing in the world. Love when the cleaning bug hits.

  7. hej igen!
    Jag har skickat en utmaning till dig på min blogg. Du ska svara på några frågor, om du vill. Läs mer på min blogg!

  8. The new "title picture" is breath taking! I mean it! So beautiful! I have to figure out a way to visit Norway some day.

    I love when I can stay home and clean, bake, and enjoy happy children. Nothing more fulfilling or wonderful--except maybe spending the day like that and then getting to knit all evening.


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