Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First day at school


Eirin had her first day at school today :) And she had lots of butterflies in her stomach this morning. I guess mine was just as filled with butterflies as well ;) It's strange to send your kids out in the "big world" - they look so small... But I know she'll be fine. It's just my mummy heart that gets a little sad to see them growup. Her she is together with Erlend, who started 3rd grade, waiting for the schoolbus.


Living at the country side means small schools. And Eirin's class only have 9 pupils, 7 girls and 2 boys. And as you can see - it has to be pink ;)


And when the siblings are off to school, Endre is having some good time with mummy all alone ;)
Here's a picture taken some days ago. I asked him what he was doing, and he said:
"I'm making a food show!" *lol*
So there you have it - I love watching BBC Food ;) Maybe he's going to be a chef.

regia socks

And there has been some knitting. I've finished some socks I had laying around ;) With fall just around the corner, the kids need warm accesories. I think mittens are next. Although I really like the stripes to match when I knit socks, I kinda think these are cool. They are knitted in Regia Cracy Color #5439 on needles 2,5 mm. And I guess there is no need to say that they are Eirin's ;)

The below socks are another x-mas present. Knitted in Opal Brasil #5002 on needles 2,75 mm.



  1. Så fin ei skolejente da! Søte unger! GEnseren din ble kjempeflott. Den kommer du til å ha glede av.

  2. Gratulerer med skolejente. Tenk at hun er blitt så stor, og *skrekkoggru* til neste år er det vår tur.

  3. I love the pink socks, so cute. Congrats on your daughter starting school. I felt sad when my daughter started last year too. They grow up too fast.

  4. They look so cute! She looks like she's all ready for the transition. Love the socks. It would be really wonderful to have smaller schools around here, so much one on one time!

  5. First day of school, how exciting! They look so cute.

  6. Så flotte skuleungar!
    Det er spesielt å sende dei av garde. Dei vert liksom mykje større allereie etter den fyrste dagen ... *snufs*

  7. Such cute photgraphs! They sure do take a lot of stuff to school with them!

  8. Beautiful socks! I hope your daughter is settling in well at school. I wish there were only nine in my son's class, he is in a class of 28 this year.

  9. Så fine barn du har, jeg har også jente på 6 år og gutt som blir 3 år denne mnd. Morsomt å se alt det fine du lager til deg selv og barna dine. Fortsatt fin høst ønsker jeg dere.


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