Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Invisible Mountain

The Invisible MountainThe Invisible Mountain by Carolina De Robertis

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"In a small town in a Uruguay, the first day of the year 1900 opens auspiciously with the reappearance of a missing infant. That young girl, Pajarita, becomes the first in a lineage of three gifted, stubborn, spiritual women. With each new generation, these women search for personal fulfillment, in love, political activism, or poetry. Stretching over 90 years and several South American countries, this family narrative is imbued with both an autobiographical feel and a keen sense of place." (from goodreads)

I love books with this kind of warmth. Beautiful names. Pajarita, Montevideo, Salome and many more. And the end was so right for this book too.
It's difficult to find the right words when you are trying to capture the essence of this story.
But as someone else said in another review:

"Magical language–a fantastic tale. A gorgeous story, full of color and light, a great human story, told beautifully. Told as if with the turn of every page there will always be some new wonderful story of person and place."

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  1. I always enjoy your book reviews. You often bring up books I haven't heard of before!


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