Sunday, March 4, 2012


Jostein - a Canadian mini-pig who visited us yesterday :)

On the way home

- We've had a vistit by Jostein, a canadian minipig :) Eirin SO want one now...
- Wonderful sunny weather, perfect for sledding and skiing at the lean-to
- Hours and hours spent outside playing in the snow
- Digging snowcaves and building snowforts
- Knitting
- New books in the mail, so looking forward to start the 4th book in the Tunnels series


  1. Wow doesn't love pigs, they are so adorable, especially when mini! You always have such wonderful, exciting weekends. I'll live vicariously through you : )

  2. Moro å komme over en minigris :) Min Molly er kanadisk og på sitt 6. år nå :)

  3. Who wouldn't want a cute little pig like that? :)


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