Sunday, March 25, 2012


Weekending, my favorite part of the week. A time to relax, live, love, just to be.
Joining with Amanda.


Getting up early and have breakfast with everyone around the table.
Winding up a couple of skeins that have been in my stash for years
and casted on a pair of toe-up vanilla socks.
Discovered that we suddenly have two squirrels in the garden.
Made a small trip into town for a little shopping and the library.
Picked up this and this book that I look forward to indulge in.
Laundry and folding of laundry.
Homemade lasagna and Nanny McPhee Returns on dvd.
A very early Sunday morning with Endre getting up at 5...
So I'm glad there is cartoons on tv early in the mornings 
and older siblings who get up an bit later to keep him company.
Leftovers lasagna for breakfast ;)
Too much time spent on Ravelry while listening to podcast's 
and watching big white snowflakes fall outside.
Printing out patterns.
Watching Thief Lord on dvd.
Having waffles for supper as it's the International Waffle Day today :)


  1. mmm....waffles. i will be missing those while i'm sugar free :(

  2. Ravelry can be a rabbit hole for me. I just keep falling down down down! Lovely weekend :)

  3. The waffles look delicious!! I too spent quite a bit of time on Ravelry this weekend looking for an Easter shrug pattern for my little one. And I queued up a whole bunch of other patterns as well! Sounds like a glorious weekend!

  4. Oh yum to your waffles...Have fun with your new project. I am trying hard to get into my stash and not buy more yarn.

  5. Oh ho we knitters seem to love our Ravelry! It surely is an incredible and unique site, isn't it? Both your books sound quite good, especially The Snow Child. If snow is still falling outside your window, then I am guessing you can cozy up and enjoy them. Do you live quite a trek out from the town?

  6. We missed Waffle Day?! How could it be!
    I didn't know there was a movie of The Thief Lord. Did you enjoy it?


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