Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger

When I got over at Catherine's blog Yoghurt & Granola earlier this day, I got a big surprise! She has nominated me for this :) She has a wonderful blog too - and she really is a rockin' girl blogger!! Go check out her blog!

Now for my five nominated blogs :)

  • Knitting Iris. This is one of my favourite blogs :) she writes about everyday life and add beautiful pictures! And her kids are adorable! She knit and sew great things too. And I love the landscape where she lives.
  • Cormz. She just have to be a rockin' girl because she learned herself to knit a couple of years ago!
  • A friend to knit with. She knit and sew fast! And she takes beautiful pictures! If you love cookies, you have to check out her blog :) She post great recipes.
  • Milje. She writes about ups and downs in her life - and have a great sense of humour :)
I have so many more favourite blogs that I read, just check out my list... And I really think you all are a bunch of Rockin' Girl Bloggers :) Have a great weekend!


  1. Hege, you are too sweet! Thank you.
    I think your pretty rockin too!!!

  2. Hei Hege!

    Tusen takk for nominasjonen, ble veldig glad på en deppa-jobba-for-mye-dag da jeg så det. :) Tusen hjertelig!

  3. thank you hege! i agree with above- you are too sweet!


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