Sunday, July 22, 2007

Søndag / Sunday

Etter flere dager med øsende regn, måtte vi bare benytte anledningen til å grille da det var litt opphold i dag :)

After several days with pouring rain, we just had to take advantage of a break in the rain to barbeque :)

Jeg fant denne nydelige blomsten blant de andre jeg planta. Aner ikke hva den heter, men den var i en frøblanding md ulike blomster. Blir glad om noen kan si meg hva den heter :)

I found this beautiful flower among the other I planted out. I have no clue about the name, but it was in a seedmix I bought. I'll be very happy if you know what it is :)

På ripsbærbuska mi fant jeg ei rips som har begynt å rødme. Gleder meg til å lage ripsbær syltetøy :)

On my redcurrant bush I found one blushing redcurrant berry. Can't wait to make some redcurrant jam :)

Potetplantene har faktisk noen små fine blomstre de også ;)

The potato plants has some nice small flowers too ;)

Samboern har rydda i garasjen i ettermiddag, og da dukka det opp noen små skatter. Som denne gamle kjelken med ratt og brems :) Endre venter bare på snøen nå!

Hubby has had a clear up in the garage this afternoon, and then some small treasures showed up. Like this old Toboggan with a steering wheel and a brake :) Endre is just waiting for the snow!

Disse huska jeg ikke at jeg hadde engang.... Kanskje jeg lager meg noen slike.(klikk på nåleputer)

I diden't remember having these... I might make a couple of these.(click on nåleputer)


  1. Hi Hege! How nice to get a comment from someone new. I notice that we like many of the same blogs:) Thanks for asking about my bunnies since my family is sick of them. I got the original pattern from Fuzzy Mitten It was her Easter bunny pattern. I've modified it a little because I absoultely love Julie's rabbits on her blog, and I was trying to copy her style.

    I recognize your little blue flower. In the U.S., we call it either Nigella or Love in the Mist. I love them, but they go to seed as soon as it gets hot here in California.

  2. Hello! My first visit here to your lovely blog! Thank you for stopping by at mine this weekend. And it looks like you & yours had a great weekend! As Caroline says, your blue flower is nigella, or love-in-a-mist. In Norwegian I think it is called jomfru i det grønne. I have a similar picture at my blog too of this delicate blue flower, for mine just came into bloom during the weekend too. Wishing you & yours a great week! :o)


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