Sunday, May 27, 2012

Self-Improvement Sundays

A few days ago I found Ashley's blog Geoknitology and she has a link up each Sunday called Self-Improvement Sundays.

"Self-Improvement takes many forms. The post could be about your goals for the week. These could be fiber related goals, or just things that you want to get done for the week. The posts would consist of a picture of anything that inspires your, or your current work in progress. A picture of the knitting design that you are currently playing around with or designing."

I like this idea about setting goals for the coming week.
So what to do...
Well, I plan to finish Hubby's socks. Think that should be easy as I just have the foot left on the second sock.
I hope to cast on Wingspan with the skein you see under here :) Love the pink and purple and brown together, so I hope the pattern will go great together with the yarn.

I have joined the TTL Mystery Shawl that starts the 1st of June.  For this shawl I'm waiting for a skein of this beautiful blue shade of Candy Skein Sock Yarn Club. Speaking of Candy Skein. Her shop has it's 1st birthday this month and she is having a contest were you can win a lot of beautiful yarn, witch ends on May 31st. I have bought some skeins from Candy Skein and have yet to be disappointed. She makes beautiful colourways and the yarn is soft and great to knit with! I have knitted a cowl and a pair of socks with two of the skeins I have bought. I have one skein in green that I also think will become socks :)

Octopus mittens

Remember this mitten??
I had planned to finish them so I could use them this winter, but that didn't happend. . . And it looks like they won't fit me either. So I guess Eirin will get them instead. Anyway, I plan to knit on the second one and try to finish the pair this week. Need some bright and happy colours to knit with to brighten up the days as it just keeps on raining and raining here. . .

No knitting goals.
I think I can pack away our winter clothes and shoes now even though it's cold and not much that reminds about spring or summer here. . . So a second layer of clothes is still needed some days :( 
If the rain stops I might go and work in the garden. Since we had to dig up almost the whole garden last summer, I need to get rid of those big stones before we can make a new lawn and vegetable garden.


  1. I like the open-endedness of this self-improvement suggestion. Nice idea, maybe I will join, perhaps not today but some other day. I have packed away some winter-clothes now but the woolen middle-layers stay all-year long in Northern Norway;-)

  2. I hope you get a chance to work in the garden a little. I'm also a big fan of Ashley's blog, and self improvement Sundays. I'm sorry that the mitten isn't going to fit. It is so beautiful though and anyone who receives it will be very lucky!

  3. Så fint og stilige farger , du er veldig flink og kreativ .
    (jeg er ikke noe strikkemaskin he he)

    Ha en fin kveld , Maritklem.

  4. Than you for the kind Candy Skein words, Hege! So glad you've enjoyed your yarn. :)

  5. I'm so glad that you could join me this week! Gauge scares me to death and my worst fear is doing such intricate color work and not having it fit me. I'm glad that you have someone that they will fit because I'm sure they will absolutely love them! I hope that my color work skills improve! ...Intarsia scares me. Good luck with your goals!


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