Monday, April 5, 2010



We've had a dream Easter here in the north of Norway! In Norway Easter is all about being outdoors skiing or hiking. So how great the weather have been is crucial on how great the Easter have been ;) So we can't complain! The temperatures have been over 10 C some days, and the snow is melting fast. But with very low temperatures by night (down to -14 C some nights) the snow have been quite hard to walk on.


I even brought my knitting with me in the forest the other day. It's a sock if you wondered ;)


Due to the hard snow, the sledding conditions have been perfect! And the steeper hills the better. You can see more pictures in our hiking blog :)


And I really hope spring is here to stay now. We already have the mud and have seen a couple of butterflies :) But I guess we still have some snow coming during Pentecost. It's called "Pinseria" - it's a cold weather period that usually comes around Pentecost. And we also have "Reinkalvria". From old times it's the time when the reindeers give birth to their calves. I guess the snow is helping the calves to become strong and healty.



  1. Your photography is wonderful! That butterfly shot... Wow!
    So glad you had great weather for Easter. I mentioned in my blog today that Norwegians feel the need to ski away the snow at Easter... I think I'll link you blog to it, if I may.

  2. The butterfly is so pretty! I'm glad you had nice Easter weather. Ours was warmer than it has been in years here in Ohio. I even went down to the beach today to take a walk. It was sunny and brisk but oh so nice.

  3. Nyyydelige påskebilder!!!!
    Ja, det er fryktelig irriterende når man skal være flink og bruke restegarnet også slår det tilbake å blir et langt dyrere prosjekt enn antatt ;)
    I oppskriften (lille stakken i myk start) sto det anslått garnforbruk til 50 gr, men jeg har brukt ihvertfall 80gr...sånn kan det gå ;)

    Ha en fin-fin tirsdag!

  4. Thanks! She is from the island Røvær off of Karmøy. It might be representative of Karmøy, I don't know for sure.
    I suppose having a bunad makes you try harder to keep your shape! I presume they would be made with seams that could be extended. I bought one for my daughter at age 2 that had tucks in all the seams and hem. I put it away years ago, and now I can't find it.... grrrrr. As my granddaughter grows.... I better find it soon!
    Happy Spring. I hope your water situation is sorted out. We are waiting to hear about it in your blog.

  5. Wonderful pictures. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter.

  6. The picture of the sun shining on the snow and the one of the butterfly are so pretty. It's interesting to learn about the seasons and customs of Norway.


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