Friday, April 9, 2010

Test knitting :)

I'm SO glad it's Friday! With the kids starting school again on Thursday and we having to be up at 6.15 in the mornings again, I've been so tired this week... It's strange what a week or so with sleeping in in the mornings can do to the routines *sigh*
To those of you wondering if we have gotten our water back - we have not :( Hubby have been trying to defrost it the last couple of days without any result.

Test knitting

At the moment I have 5 pairs of socks on my needles. 3 pairs is almost done, they are some simple stockinett st to knit on while the kids are playing outdoors ;) But the one above is a beautiful pair of cable socks I'm testknitting. Can't wait to have them done!

Swap package :)

And getting a package when the weekend begins is great :) I got this fron Jenda in Sweden. We've swaped books and yarn in a swap over at Ravelry. I have this book in my to read queue, so I'm looking forward to start reading it soon. Right now I'm reading book 5, Dead as a Doornail in the Southern Vampire Mysteries. I'm really enjoying this series, and it's so much better than the tv serie! So far book 4, Dead to the World is my favourite :)
I'm almost done with The Girls by Lori Lansens - a beautiful, funny and tragic book about conjoined twins Rose and Ruby Darlen. They are linked at the side of the head, with separate brains and bodies. So if you don't know what to read next, this book is one you should look at!

Have a great weekend! I'll be knitting on my cable socks to try to finish it and I guess we're heading out in the forest if the weather stays good - what's your plans for the weekend??


  1. God helg til deg også. Håper vannet ordner seg. Kjipe greier. Og at du blir ferdig med teststrikkingen. Det skal bli fint vær på Sørlandet i helgen, så da skal hagen ordnes hvis baby tillater det :)

  2. You'd think I'd be smarter than this, but I just looked at your first photo and thought, Hey, I'm designing a pair of socks JUST like those! *smacks head* Oh, wait, she's test knitting for ME! hahaha I'm so spacey sometimes....looks great so far!

  3. Love Allison's pattern although I'm still afraid of toe-ups. You'd think that I'd at least give it a try.

  4. I love those socks! The way the cables are off center really makes them pop!

  5. Beautiful work! I've always loved cables in natural colored yarn.

  6. Hi!
    i've just found your blog and i've a reads thro some posts. Sorry to hear you're without water, that problem was widespread here in Ireland back in January when we had really cold weather. I hope you get the water back soon, it's very hard to live without it.
    I really like the look of that red wool in the last picture, it says Araucania on it, what a colour!
    Hope you had a good weekend, it's been warm here.

  7. Fab socks, wonderful package and great book recommendations. You are a busy woman. And STILL no water?! Also a tough woman :).

  8. Otroligt vackra strumpor. Vilket arbete!

  9. I've got that same book from the library, but I haven't started yet. Thanks for the reminder :)

  10. Hei :) såg på den gamle bloggen din at du har strikket ein brann genser i barne str. Lurte på kor du fekk tak i oppskrift til den genseren??? Har ein baby på veg og kunne tenkt meg å strikket den når han blir litt større :)

  11. Helene: Siden du ikke har aktivert tilgang til profile din på blogger, så må jeg svare deg her...
    Jeg fikk tilsendt mønsteret av en dame for mange år siden. Jeg tror mønsteret (kanskje) kan kjøpes på husfliden i Bergen.
    Selv improviserte jeg litte grann. Tror ikke det var så små størrelser, så jeg strikka etter en annen modell og brukte diagrammene.


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