Thursday, April 22, 2010

Soaking up some sun

Bread baking

There was a time (years ago) when baking bread once a week was a thing I enjoyed... But now when I have four hungry wolves a load of three breads last two, maybe three days if I'm lucky... So baking bread have gone from a relaxing joy to a need I have to do whether I like it or not.
Yesterday the last end of the last bread went with the kids as their school lunch, so I had to make a dough after I had sent them off to school. I had planed to make a second dough, but the weather got so great so Endre and I headed out instead :) I guess I have to save money so we can buy a stove that has hot air so I can bake six bread at once.


We've had degrees below 0 during the night and in the morning the last couple of days. Yesterday we had -5 C in the morning. The sun is warming, but Endre still need to wear wool underneath his rainsuit.


I'm soaking up the sun (and are geting freckles) while I knit or read a book :)
The knitting is a pair of Lepidoptera Mitt and the book is "The hunt for Atlantis" - very exciting!


Last weekend we had a big snowfall, so the world is again covered in white with not a track to be seen. Only my own footprints after I went looking for pussy willows ;)


I only found one little willow tree with pussy willow on, the moose have eaten all the tops of the others...



  1. You've made me want to get out my sourdough starter and make bread--your loaves are so wonderfully imaged! Here in Virginia, spring is full, and our snow is just a memory now. Love your pics of life in Norway and all your wonderful knitting!

  2. How is it going with the water? I used to bake bread as well, in the end I had to bake twice a week. I would, love to bake some now and again. Lovely photos! I can't believe you still have some snow left and such cold temperatures!

  3. It's so warm and green here, it's strange to see all of that snow. The photo of the pussy willow and the footprints in the snow are so pretty.

  4. Mmmmm that bread looks so good! I have yet to make bread that turns out well. I think I will ask my mom for lessons when I go visit her next month. Your boy is so cute all bundled up!

  5. You take the most beautiful pictures! There was a time when I baked all of our bread also. I miss doing it! I just don't have time since I started working full time outside the home. I can't wait to go back to it though when Sean is well enough to work again!
    I am going to have to check out that book. It looks really interesting!

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  7. It is so hot here...but your snow photos are inspiring me to plan out my fall & winter knitting!

  8. I really enjoy your blog posts Hege, your life looks so happy and content even with all the snow and cold!


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