Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nature Connections :: March

Nature Connections is a collaborative link collection posted at the end of each month on Living and Learning.
Its purpose is to showcase photos of children enjoying nature to inspire all of us to get outdoors more.

My trio :)

I wish I could say we had been outdoors a lot this month, but we haven't. The first two weeks of March was filled with some great weather. The sun started to warm and the snow was perfect.  (You can read more about our outdoors adventures then here and here.) But then we had snow - lots of it. It snowed almost a whole week non stop... So we have about 1 meter of fresh snow outside right now. We were hoping for spring this last part of March, but that didn't happend.


  1. Eg er glad vi ikkje fekk slett så mykje snø som du fekk! Det er nok vinter no, og eg gler meg til vår! No er det meldt regn og vind nokre dagar, så då forsvinn nok snøen her....

  2. Yes, the first part of March was beautifully warm here too. Still snow is beautiful!


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