Tuesday, January 31, 2012


So with the end of January NaKniMitMo Kal 2012 is over. I had planned to knit more mittens than I did, but I guess one always have more plans than actual time to do it all ;)
Anyway, I'm pleased with the three pairs I managed to make this month.The third pair is my Selbu Sea Horse Mitten.


I like my camera, but not when I have to take a photo with red in it... The red is much more darker than this. The photo below is more like the real mitten.

I have knitted a pair of mittens from this pattern before - for Erlend. I think this booklet of patterns is one of my best buys through the years. This pattern is for a women, knitted on size 2 mm needles with Rauma 2 ply. I knitted these with baby wool (4 ply) and size 2,5 mm and they fits my 9 yo. You can imagine the size if I had knitted these on 2 mm. So if you are knitting with other yarn than Rauma 2 ply, check your gauge.

Pattern: 8. Damevott / Woman's mitten from Rauma LVS-5, Selbustrikk
Yarn: ca. 23 g red Gjestal Baby Ull and 30 g black Mor Aase Baby
Needles: 2,5 mm
Size: Fits Eirin 9 year


I really like these. And I have made a pair of these mittens too, last year ;) These was meant to be Eirin's, but they got a little big for her... But she really wants a pair so I am about to cast on a second pair. I can't refuse her when she actually wants me to knit her something ;) That doesn't happen often these days...
I knitted the white "stripes" with 1 k row and 1 p row instead of 2 p rows. So I didn't get the "dots" as there is in the pattern. I think they look prettier this way.

Pattern: Newfoundland Mittens
Yarn: ca. 60 g white Mor Aase Ullgarn and 30 g Labbetuss raggegarn
Needles: 3 mm
Size: Adult, small


  1. I've really wanted to make a pair of the Newfoundland mittens. Yours are just beautiful! Maybe next month : )

  2. Your mittens are so pretty! I only managed to knit one pair this month, and they didn't end up the way I have planned for them to be.

  3. I saw your finished Newfoundland mittens and love them! Another mitten to my ever-increasing queue!

  4. Oh, such beautiful mittens! I love seeing your projects in particular, they always look so perfect!

  5. You knit the most beautiful mittens! I especially love the Newfoundland mitts.

  6. Oh, what beautiful mittens! I have no mitten knitting talent...but a lot of mitten envy :)

  7. Veldig lekre votter, særlig Newfoundlandvottene. Likte endringen din, synes ofte det bryter med masker inni fargefeltene.


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