Saturday, October 20, 2007

Love Saturday

Elsker å se på når Endre leker for seg selv når de andre er på skolen/bhage. Da koser han seg skikkelig med pledd, dukke og pute uten å måtte dele (krangle) med noen.

Love to watch Endre when he plays by himself when the other is at school/kindergarden. He really know how to make it cosy with blankets, reading books and playing with the doll, all without having to share (quarrel) with someone.

Elsker at det går an å strikke en støvel!! Elsker de søte skoene som Little Cotton Rabbits strikker til figurene sine også :) Elsker at det er kun 66 dager igjen til jul :)

Love that I can knit a boot!! Love the cute shoes Little Cotton Rabbits are knitting for her figures too :) Love that there is just 66 days until Christmas :)


  1. Beautiful family! I can't believe you have snow already, but tis the season, I suppose. Minnesota is still too warm for flurries yet, but we're knitting up hat and mittens as fast as we can!

    Thanks for you kind comment. I look forward to reading all your blog (when the kids are back in school).


  2. Oh my gosh, Hege, your blog is just so cozy right now. Do Norwegians have the word "hygellig"? That's how I feel about your recent entries. There's nothing nicer than some snow and some wool.

    I love your picture of Endre. Books were such good friends to my kids when they were young. My fifteen year old daughter still loves reading although my son would rather play football or video games I'm ashamed to say.


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